Sunday, March 28, 2010

Emptying the To Do Box: Texas Schools


So...Jefferson is dropped?

Well, to be fair, it is just from discussion of a more international flavor, than American History. as I understand it.  But that is too much.  He is unfairly applied for his influence to thinking around the world.  Jefferson was vitally important to the resulting revolution in France, and affected thinking in many up and coming nations to this day.  So bullshit.  But added to this is the addition of Calvin and Aquinas.  Those two.  Calvin is...really, him over Jefferson...

The problem here with these choices and others is it clearly points to not ending's about supplanting one for another.  That is not better.  Because Jefferson and groups like the important Mexicans in Texas history are important.  Aquinas is someone they wish was important, to argue their (The Conservative) philosophy. (Oddly it makes Thomas Jefferson the enemy of modern day conservatism.)  And Schlaffley and  Contract with can argue for them.  But they are going in with no sense of other events...And I doubt their failing will be added, like how that Contract collapse in on itself in short work.  Do you think Gingrich shutting down government leading to mass support rushing to Clinton's side will be in there?  Me neither.

And the big picture.  History is to be reformed.  Church and State can and should be united.  There is no historical dissent allowed.  Evolution and all science that challenges the bible is false.  No proof otherwise is accepted.  This is not a pretty picture.  It is unacceptable.

In all the times I saw Cynthia Dunbar pop up on national TV for interviews.  I was no one bother to pull all this together and challenge her and the others on what damage they are doing to the education of students in Texas and around the country.  That is disappointing.

Fridays and online presence

I had some free time last Friday, so I had the time to enjoy listening to The Stephanie Miller Show in the morning.  This last week, Steph and her cohorts were vacationing after a long run.  Hal Sparks was in for the week, and that day he had the regular guest (Fridays with Fugelsang)  for Friday's on, John Fugelsang.

And I love them one and all.  Hal is a great host, who likes to engage callers, pro and con, and dig into ideas at times.  And he has an excellent sense that allows his to take quite persuasively about various ideas.  When I was annoyed at the Senate bill, he helped me to sit and think on my position on its viability and usefulness.  And John is also great, and offers his own thoughtful sense to issues.  So I loved his added dynamic on Friday, and on his stop over earlier in the week.

And to add one more thing.  I do love their points and arguments largely.  Now like with many of my fellow liberals, I have to descent on alt med, organic food, nuclear power, etc.  But they can offer interesting conversation on religion.  They are both spiritual.  But happily eschew the religions, the bible used as a tool to demand moral truth ex-cetera.  But they also see a lot of good from Jesus.  It's picking up and leaving behind the hand full of WTF passages from Jesus.  You know, cursing the fig tree, calling for his followers to abandon their families, telling them near the end to go and get weapons, etc.  Their is good in the Jesus story, but their is more to that can be troubling.  But they are artful in conversation and it would be interesting to see them discuss their thinking with knowledgeable atheist.  But, being a pessimist, I can't imagine that going well.

But more than just listening, I tried the live streaming Sparks likes to incorporate into his weekly sojourns to the shows, usually on Wednesdays.  It was a blast, as a I usually join in and try it midway through the show between teaching classes, and it is a stilted mess.  Friday was great though,  clear, relatively smooth, and I got to watch the between commercial bits.  Yes this is old news.  It has been around for ages now, and I have also tried this tech before, like with Atheist Experience.  But for once I relented to the impulse and used the live commenting.  It still annoys me though.  It speeds passed as hundreds comment, so I have no idea who can or does pay too much attention, which begs a question of what the point is.  But some do, and they engage each other.  But it feels an awful lot like I am at home just remarking out loud to myself.

And that is how I feel about a lot of the tech that is so exciting to many.  Twitter.  If I am not promoting something, or in need to stay in contact with a person or group...why?  Same with Facebook, etc.  But the temptation after he the flawed fun of Friday tempts me to just try it out online some more.  By it I mean the social networking...and yes, what a trend setter.  I just need to decide if it is worth my while, not a waste, or worse going to set unused like an unwanted Christmas present.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Month snooze

Okay, okay time to get up.

Boy I kept wanting to post, but looking at Rep gall makes you just want to curl up and scream.  Really?  We are supposed to buy this?

Oh wait, I was looking at CNN.  Yeah, the news laps it up and regurgitates it to us and the masses.

Thanks media.

Time to get back up, climb out of the trench..and CHARGE!

So to speak.

Let's dialogue.