Thursday, April 29, 2010

Enterprise in low orbit

Here is a fun video found on The Enterprise flies!

Religion, Marriage, and Sex

PZ Myers looks at a quote and a common religious argument about marital duties.

Apparently you have to have sex, if you are married. You just do. It's a chore and job you are obliged to engage in. I can't help, but wonder if the guy feels the same way when he's not in the mood. Or is it completely different.

It is all charming. First, I can guess he fails to engage his partner to woo them, to entice them, to build interest in him. Sad. And if someone doesn't want to do it and says no...What then? I would like to hear about that.

Ironically there are often uses of this logic brought into law. It is strange.

The Beck Experience

Daily Kos has a nice 10 minute run down of the Beck Madness. Damn he is working the art of building paranoia, fear, and hate.

After you watch that we need a break.

Ah. Better.

Not being asked to pray

The Nation has a nice piece looking at the case over the National Day of Prayer presidential proclaimation.


You'd think libertarians and tea partyers, who claim to oppose overweening government power, would adore Judge Crabb. Don't tread on me with your federal prayer mandate! But somehow, the government using its massive powers to promote prayer just doesn't grab them like the terrible injustice of someone other than themselves getting a government benefit. Sarah Palin was quick to weigh in with some typically tangled remarks: "Lest anyone try to convince you that God should be separated from the state, our founding fathers, they were believers," she told a gathering of Christian women. "Hearing any leader declare that America isn't a Christian nation.... It's mind-boggling to see some of our nation's actions recently, but politics truly is a topic for another day."


Noah's Ark

Well they found it, Christ and Christianity is true then. Though it is old testament, so really, Judaism is true. We're waiting on Christ to do a lineup.

What's that? The ark story is crap...again?

Who would have thunk it?

PZ Myers at the story's start.

What? Question the find?
A person long trying to prove the ark's existence? Chinese group taken in?

And among other issues with FOX News covering it, they seemed bummed out that the guy they brought in as an expert didn't give it any credibility and tore down the claim fast. They seemed to frown at the fact he was a "skeptic" in there minds. Boo hoo.

More on Live Science.

On why religion is so messed up

PZ Myers has a post pointing to this great vid. The internet is where religion comes to die.

Giving religion scrutiny. It is a must. What is the penalty for apostasy. When your Christian faith and terms are used in much the same way you use them, but sell child sex or polygamy, what do you think? People seem to loathe addressing or facing the severe problems with philosophies and rules systems that control many and make little sense.

Challenge your own beliefs from time to time and see what emerges.

Buffy and Twilight

This is a fun summary of how creepy Twilight is, through Buffy's eyes. Though with her own history on the subject...

But it really can't beat the bit the Attack of the Show gang did. Short and right to the point.

It's a vampire!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Becking it before it was hip

This is a great Kids in the Hall era bit. Dave Foley telling it like it is. Does it remind you of anyone?

Tell me that is not what Beck picked up and uses to this day. scary. Because so many lap it up.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moyers retiring

Again he's leaving.

But this time it is on his own terms,

and he explains all here.

Is voice on TV will be missed.

But he is covering some more of the question of Net Neutrality and speaks with FCC. Watch and get informed.

Monday, April 19, 2010

McVeigh Tapes

MSNBC has the great show McVeigh Tapes that Maddow worked on to tell the story of what Tim McVeigh did that led to 168 deaths in OKC 15 years ago. Interesting to watch, and learn what happen. Particularly today it is important to remember and see the mind that let loose this terror.

I noticed it answers at least one of the conspiratorial ponderers about the getaway car. HE bought a really cheap car placed it in a spot blocks down the way and left it until needed. There. Better?

Court choices

Listening to Jonathan Alter on Countdown, I agree with what the thinking is on what  Obama is contemplating for the Supreme Court.

The idea I have had is that I would like a Liberal on the court. We want to keep and push back on balance. It would feel great. But on 4-5 it ain't great.

So I have been thinking about moderates. I know, traitor!  But hear me out. What can a moderate do? Vote with conservatives? Yeah.

But what else? Vote with the liberals. And, possibly, if they are a sound legal mind, and good arguer, bring over one or two of the 5.

It may be a gamble. And it may be a dumb one. But it could be a long term key. And if Obama gets to replace a conservative judge later, all the better.

But as well I agree with the notion I don't want for left or far right justices. I want good, sound, honest, and thoughtful justices.

We should all want Good law from the Court. Not Left Law. Not Right Law. Republicans are having trouble seeing the differences. We need to be better at that.

Palin on...

Is there a way to finish that line that is not a joke? Is there any way she isn't one?

Well she hit an oldie but a stupid one. We are a Christian nation, we need to get back to it, we need prayer, blah, blah, blah. We all know it, we all heard it.

I like the comment in response on AMERICAblog:
... It's the 21st century, for crying out loud. There are some countries that endorse Palin's worldview and intermix God and government -- Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan under Taliban rule come to mind -- but they're generally not countries the United States tries to emulate. 
And I like and agree with the point that for some many years now we have tried to export our secular government to countries seeking to be fledgling democracies. It was important and it still is. But like science, history, and common sense...Conservatives have walked away from this.

OKC Conspiracy Theory – Why I fell out of love with the Conspiracy Culture.

I have a certain love of the supernatural and conspiracy. It is a nice distraction to either engage in or listen to colorful thinking. Many strange and curious ideas are around, and it can be amusing to partake and learn how they blossom.

I have tried to take in podcasts that go into it for some colorful ideas that may be interesting to be aware of, or good to pepper a story for added color. The trouble is that as I am more aware of facts and more aware of skeptical issues…it is hard to sit through these shows. Often the abuse of science is bad, sure. But the abuse of scientist and critical thinking is worse. And with conspiracy, the abuse of history and the twisting of tragedy and the focusing of hate for no sound reason just disgusts. Listening and reading this stuff starts making one nostalgic to play the old RPG, Paranoia. And it is enough to kill any fun in taking in conspiracy theories.

Oklahoma City offers a clarion call on this, as a bloody and horrible tragedy is turned into an antigovernment call. Happens a lot. It seems every tragic event is a plot. Pearl Harbor - FDR. Lincoln - Rep leaders. Kennedy - LBJ etc., 9/11 - Bush. Time and again, you see the same damn arguments and claims. Over and over again. They are interesting, in an abstract way. Strange tales and flipped historic views. But unsupported, unproven, and treated as gospel truth for those facts. They are conspiracies, the evidence that is missing damns the government. The lack of professional support of the idea shows just how far “it” goes up. It’s a pattern of thnking, rather than plotting politicians, to note and almost marvel at.

But,as noted, there have been many. But Lincoln and Kennedy have the buffer of time to not bother us so much. 9/11 is so close to many and too tied to current politics to fully free and look at it unbiased. But OKC? 15 years today. Another age, most all of us well remember.

Remember? Ruby Ridge? Waco? Janet Reno? The Patriot Movement? Militias? Gun nuts? Monica? ..not that go back one. OKC was a moment amidst anger and promise of violence that was ratcheting. There were faults on all sides. Let’s look at the culminating horror, OKC.

Some claims about OKC.

  • More questions than answers.
  • Many connections?

Sound familiar? Connect the dots, squint your eyes, and imagine what you might see and then remember the government spiked your kool aid. Take in a bunch of conspiracy sites and books and get a tangled web. Rather a tangled mess, that the mind turns into a web. Proof? Where’s the proof? That is the perpetual problem. You will hear stories of this or that, one quote unattributed, or a tape that shows all, unseen.

The ATF and FBI

Always good baddies. One takes your guns and liquor. The other is bugging you and flying over in the UN’s black helicopters.

To look at the OKC conspiracy, let me take you through what I heard on one podcast as they laid out the events. It is odd to listen to these shows. Often they have a humorous side, like they are not taking it seriously. But then they do suddenly. Say what you will of Alex Jones, but he is serious, like death, and as about as fun. So the show starts with the light stories on UFO’s. Then comes OKC. And they start with some history. Good. Conspiratorial history…eh. It builds on the paranoia and fear that militias and gun lovers had in the 90’s. Start with Weaver and Ruby Ridge. In sum, ATF villainy. Saying that sawed off shotgun criminal charge used on was Weaver is unfair. I can’t comment on law, but the ATF are shown as thugs, a new organization out to push people who don’t accept being cowed. It is odd as the ATF and its general duties done by other agency names is pretty darn old. Again, the events of Ruby Ridge, I won’t comment the situation except fault lies on both sides for how that ended, like later events the government could have handled better, but the way it is portrayed, the government is the heavy out to kill and crush. So you know how the story will go on. And they take on the story to make sure the government is truly horrible and cruel. Government fault is clear and continual.

Waco, another conspiracy, mystery sniper rounds fired, etc. And after the Ruby Ridge events, the ATF “needed” a raid. And that is why it happen...really. Again, there is fault to go around. But…please. So the ATF was gung ho to race into Waco, to look better after Ruby Ridge? Not the burgeoning groups buying weapons around the country? Not an apocalyptic cult leader amassing weapons on a compound? Now could the government wanted to prove itself after a debacle? Sure. Could it have wanted to make clear its stand on these growing groups. Yeah. Is it a dark and evil story? No, it's sad. But the word the hosts use is evil again and again.

The point for this is to show a chain of events that leads to a government conspiracy. And it is ironic because they have the basis here to actual show the chain that really lead to OKC. An arrest that lead to a standoff that ended bloodily at Ruby Ridge and a standoff that ended horrendously at Waco, inspired and helped convince Tim McVeigh to act in the murderous way he did. McVeigh went to Waco during the standoff. Chain…of…events. There. But to the conspiracist, that is a smoke screen. No. The government was embarrassed once, it botched it again. It for a horrific event to blot out the failures…really. That is the thinking. And it loses me because it makes no sense to how I think. Could this happen? Yes. You could have a leader with such a disturbed mindset as to plot this. But it is so aberrant, and part of a very public and watched agency, that to even take serious as a worthy thought exercise you need some flippin’ evidence…of some sort!

What is odd is that they do at times say McVeigh did it, and was wrong. But then suggest and argue otherwise. They vacillate but work hard to sell the convincing nature of the conspiracy, the greater conspiracy. As they say McVeigh is the official story. Here are some questions they and others bring up:

  • How getaway car get in place? Interesting. But is logistics a damning point in this?
  • Another person is car with McVeigh? John Doe #2.Aha!
  • Republicans after the events wanted further study of others involved, like international agents (ala WTC ’93) or neo Nazi? Particularly, the international ones after 9/11. They really wanted to find that one. IRAQIS!

Not all unreasonable. They are questions to be answered. Questions left. But are there facts to be delivered up? Was there a second person? Or is that bad info? No other evidence, but eyewitness claims after the fact for it. Was Iraq involved? No indications yet, even after gaining control of said country. But Rep. Rorabacher is a guy who recently said “climategate” was part of the work of the New World Order so… But no concrete evidence on this, one way or another, is around. This points to a more likely idea that the concerns are not supported. Find the evidence to show otherwise and I will be intrigued. (Show that Nichols went to the Philippines to meet al Qaeda, or the Iraqi expatriots were working with the US against itself.) But it is not shown. It is never shown. T

They suggest some coconspirators, like a German with a white supremacist group in OK. Then there is another guy, another white power type named Snell. Talking about him, one of the hosts manages to drag Bill Clinton as governor into the story for a moment (adding another chain to the “link”. It is interesting how eagerly and casually conspiracy folks do this without a second thought.) The point to talking about him is that he was to be executed on murder the day of the bombing. He also once tried to plot the bombing of the Fed building once, and was "possibly in contact with McVeigh. They also talk of a video from a strip club that apparently has strippers talking about meeting McVeigh and him talking about what was coming. I’d like to see the vid (not for that reason), as I have never heard of it outside of conspiracy corner. They point out that it is claimed the gun show circuit types that it was known when and where the bombing would happen. Informants were EVERYWHERE. So the FBI KNEW they whole time. AHA! Cover up time!

Again, if any of this led somewhere, or was supported this might merit interest. But it is not supported. It is claimed after the facts.

Why would fed commit a crime? Massive increase of funding. Militia’s are tarred with the blood of children. AHA!

The” damning” points”:

  • The ATF agents were mysteriously gone that day, so survived…then they debate each other is maybe some were there. Then they suggest they were temps or adjuncts…so they don’t count. Then they were a couple there, with a mysterious tale of survival. Confused by this point yet?
  • Claim that some there were told by ATF friends they were paged to leave early.
  • The bomb claim. Were there more than one bombs? Secondary explosions? The damage is off what expected? Mystery damage? Ah, control demolition. …might be a bit much…but…
  • May have had a weapons cache that exploded. But it then it was illegal.
  • Terry Nichols is sitting in prison spouting different stories to people, like the FBI knew.

And they sum it up by making it clear the government is at fault, one way or another.

So I ask, are these the most likely conclusions to reach? Are they supported? No. Every time they look at a possible answer away from the US government committing mass murder, the find a path that rapidly leads back. Wonder why. Also look at their points how many have been used before on earlier conspiracies? How many do you remember from talk of 9/11? What is old is new again. And conspiracies never die.

On April 19, 1995 168 people died in a planned terrorist assault at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, OK. The guilty parties were captured. Then tried and imprisoned and executed for their crimes (Nichols is still in prison.). But for some it is the government to blame.

Today, blind government blame (their is plenty to fault government on that isn't mostly fantasy) continues, today, groups are marching and protesting near the capitol, armed. Today, politicians fan the flame for political gain. Some history lessons are not being learned.

And I have trouble enjoying conspiracy theory, as all I see now is twisting history and deaths to fit a tale that generally is used to attack someone’s favorite foe.

Catch MSNBC and Rachel Maddow tonight to get in the mind of a mass murdering zealot.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

MST3K showing online

Through tomorrow night, MST3K is showing on Justin TV.

Right now is Devil Doll. Next Gamera vs Zigra. It runs to the last show Teenage Crime Wave starting at 11:47PM.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Another vid...this time on Horror

CrazySexyGeeksSeries has some interesting vids on YouTube. So I thought I would put one more on.

This one is on Horror films.

Comic book fashion sense

Tim Gunn, fashion guru, gives his opionion on a number of male and femaile superhero costumes.

Mister Miracle, looks like Christmas.
Black Canary in fishnets. Looks like a tramp.
Star Sapphire, modern look whorish.
Power Girl, if your a woman show your curves. She owns the looks.

Good and fun web series on comics and pop culutre.

Here is another of their vids detailing the history of the Green Hornet.

Expanded rights

Obama has signed a memorandum allowing and demanding that homosexuals to have access to love ones in hospitals.

As it is now, as a none blood relative or legally married spouse, one is barred. But now they can be given right to have access. This only will affect hospitals that receive Medicare or Medicaid funding. Or hospitals could not be dicks and let loved ones and family to be together.

A look at a messy writer

Almost give you hope for ones own tatty ways.

A look through Agatha Christie's journals shows her curious approach to writing and a mystery.

Interesting to learn.

National Day of Prayer

I have wanted to talk about the events of yesterday, because of the interesting news and because I wanted to sort out the state of things now with the day and with the White House.

So, the FFRF, Freedom from Religion Foundation, has worked long and hard to push on the constitutionality of the National Day of Prayer. Can or should a president or Congress give special props to one or all religion? That is a question they have worked to sort out, believing the answer is no.

They finally got federal support in the courts. Out of Wisconsin, a judge has

It has created some anger. But a lot of blame is sent at Obama as well, though he was defending the proclamation process. Though he does not throw himself into it all, just signing the paper and staying away. Which angers some. But they also heel they are having there rightful place taken away.

Off twitter:
"Reading a proclamation is not celebrating / honoring the Lord... as our POTUSs have done 4 many generations!"
Despite the fact it goes back to the 50's, which may be what is meant, but is it, or is it the vague it is the way of out father's and our father's father's. There are traditions that come and go. Why is this so unique. Religion. Christianity. Politics. Duh.
I am offended!! All Christians / Americans should be! Romans 13:1 tells 2 pray 4 POTUS! God is God, and Obama is....!!!
All Americans need to be offended? That Christianity, which this is largely about, is not getting it's special Focus on the Family sponsored day? I am not weeping. God is God? That is the problem. This day is about religion and only that. That is not in the purview of government.
Obama has removed Natl. Day of Prayer from White House, yet allowed Muslim prayer on grounds & bows 2 other world leaders.
Bowing? Who cares for Conservative blather. Now the Muslim prayer event, that is another religious event. But I am not too familiar. In the NDoP, the president signs a proclamation. Cultural events are vaguer. But even if it is akin. It is another things to cut off. I think the writer above is more bothered by Muslims getting attention, and how it fits there world view.

But as I understand it, this prayer day asks all Americans to pray. As noted by the judge yesterday.
…recognizing the importance of prayer to many people does not mean that the government may enact a statute in support of it, any more than the government may encourage citizens to fast during the month of Ramadan, attend a synagogue, purify themselves in a sweat lodge or practice rune magic.”
That is a bit much.

Atheist Experience reaction

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ronald Reagan Day

Daily Kos:

They are trying to pass a bill to commemorate Reagan. Encourage kids in school to spend a whole day learning about him?

After you spend the morning on the massive job losses and Iran/Contra, will they really be in the mood to watch Bedtime for Bonzo in the afternoon.

Democratic Win

In Florida, Robert Wexler's seat in the House was up. A Dem, Ted Deutsch, was trying to gain the seat.

It was the first vote since Health Care passed. And as polls are starting to shift...

The Dem won!

Well, Reps are ignoring it. But it is a win. And if things had gone differently, that Rep that lost would have been a new hero. But it didn't work that way.

And with months to November things could be turning out better for Dems. But time will tell.

Conservatives and what they say

Anything, they say anything.

IRS, secret force out to get us.
  • IRS Expansion - A million billion agents like in the Matrix, man.
Obama's nuclear threat?
No chance of some incitement to violence.
Not racist at all.
Being a bit rapey.
We're against!
What, racial profiling?

King James and Demons

Interesting bit of history.

King James did many things in his life. Of note to us is the King James Bible, which most of us know well.

But he was also a guy obsessed with the occult and witches. Which was something he sought in his reign, torturing and trying many as witches. He amped up interest in it. He passed the Witchcraft Act. And it can also be seen in his version of the bible.
James’s legacy extends even into our age. The King James Bible, completed in 1611, saw the scriptures rewritten to further the King’s agenda. Exodus 22:18, originally translated as, “Thou must not suffer a poisoner to live,” became “Thou must not suffer a witch to live.”

So thanks to the this paranoid man, obsessed with the occult, witches, satanic plots caused a lot of suffering than and is still used and applied to this day all over the world. 

AIPAC, Israel, and the Dems

Have you seen this? 75 members of the Senate and 333 House members supported a complaint to the President and the State Dept. It is around the treatment and statements to PM of Israel. Really?

So as the president and Sec of State work to shape our relationship with Israel and the Mideast, these people want to stymie the work. So as the president doesn't kiss Netanyahu's ass and gives criticism, it is too much.

And it isn't just Reps. Oh no so many Dems as well. Many from places that are blue. Plus, the position of most Jews in the US is to support the approach that Obama is applying. So there is no excuse.

We want to see and point to the blind and clueless actions of Reps this year, and the Dems say, "Can we be dipshits to?" Nice, guys.

Batwoman is getting her own book!

Batwoman is getting her own book! Batwoman is getting her own book! Batwoman is getting her own book! Batwoman is getting her own book! Batwoman is getting her own book! Batwoman is getting her own book! Batwoman is getting her own book!

What else is there to say.


Oh, Joe!

He impresses me, Joe Lieberman, I mean.

Look at him. He is genuinely excited to think that Republican power in Congress will likely grow next session. He is thrilled to think that no matter what the court is tilting to the right. He... anyone going to be shocked if he switches sides if Republicans can grab power through him?

We all know he plans to stab us Dems in the back the first chance he gets. I mean, he has already worked us over...but he really wants one last dig before leaving.

We know this right?

Homeopathy Awareness Week

From Dr. Novella:
This is homeopathy awareness week – and like some other science bloggers I want the public to be as aware of homeopathy as possible. I want the public to be aware of the fact that homeopathy is based upon the “law of similars” – which is nothing more than the ancient superstition of sympathetic magic. I want the public to be aware of the fact that most homeopathic solutions are diluted far past the point where there is likely to be a single molecule of active ingredient left – and therefore claims for the homeopathic “law of infinitesimals” violates the law of mass action and the laws of thermodynamics.

I also do not want to silence homeopaths, as some have suggested. I want them to speak for themselves – every time a homeopath opens their mouth they make my job easier. Right now Dana Ullman, the ultimate online homeopathy apologist, is spewing incoherent nonsense in the comments at Science-Based Medicine. You also have to see Dr. Warner’s brilliant explanation for how homeopathy works (every time someone watches this video Einstein’s corpse cries.)

The Vampire Conference

New conference on British vampire fiction? You bet. At University of Hertfordshire.

Writers and vampire "experts" from around the world will speak at the event, discussing their portrayal in traditional and modern culture. 

The event will be held on 16 and 17 April.

A reaction to Twilight? Maybe.

Adele Blanc-Sec approaches

Adele Blanc-Sec, a film with a female protagonist of the same name is coming soon in France.

It is a cool comic series by Tardi, which I wish I could find, now it jumps coolly and confidently to the big screen.

Here's the trailer, with subtitles.

Cool, huh?

Here is the movies English website.

i09 has some additional clips and some photos.

Hope we see it over here.

Rowling on Tory policy.

I enjoyed reading JK Rowling's thoughts on the Tory manifesto (United Kingdom conservative party platform) leading into next months general election.

She call them on there attitude towards families and their needs.

Worth a read, especially as Tory try and sell themselves as kindler and gentler.

Star Wars Uncut?

I am not one for the usual crapping on of Star Wars, the newer stuff. I like Star Wars, all of it. I just am not all that picky. If I enjoy watching and losing myself in that world I have loved since I was wee, great.

So when people beat on it, recut it, reedit, etc. I am just unimpressed. Now, I have seen a couple of short reworking of scenes that are beauts, but I still love the old. Maybe I expect too little. But I am happy. And maybe others are too determined to have a result they have over thought...perhaps.

But one reworking I happen to really really love right now is this Star Wars Uncut. It isn't finished, but looks promising. They are taking the original film, and splitting it into 15 second pieces. Then various crafty individuals are remaking those seconds. In animation, claymation, live action, sock puppets, whatever. So it is a labor of wit and love. And just darn cute.

The main site has some parts to watch, and i09 has one extended 4 minute clip. And it will be screened in Copenhagen and then NYC. Here's hoping it gets around.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


We don't have many missions left to partake.

So be sure to check them out, like now, over on NASA TV. Enjoy them while we still got 'em.

Right now I'm watching the space walk. Eep!

Mr Deity and the Quitter

Last episode of the 3rd series is up.

Mr Deity and the Quitter

Now we have to wait for more a while.

But I didn't know there were DVD's of the series. Cool. Have to check them out.

Confederacy, Slavery, and History

It has been an interesting year already for history. In Texas some conservatives are trying to blight parts out. And in other areas of the South we see a similar attitude.

It used to almost cute, in place like the Beverly Hillbillies, the War of Northern Aggression.  Aw, they don't know history.  Cute.

It isn't cute any longer. And it sure as hell is not acceptable.

Virgina, in the wake of attacks on gay rights. Slapped the US of A, African Americans, and history across the face with a declaration of Confederate History Month, something the previous Dem governors refused to do. But when Reps rule VA, they let it all hang out. If that wasn't insulting and dumb enough, they didn't bother to mention the slave issue. And when called on it took some time before realizing the trouble brewing. But the idea they came up with was first slavery was no big deal, then they said it was and kinda acknowledged it.

Then the governor of Mississippi stepped in and into it. He defended blowing off slavery and the suffering. And then he to did a proclamation declaring April Confederate History Month. And he to just ignored slavery as an issue. And as noted to deny slaveries significance is impossible for this governor. In looking at Mississippi's declaration session, it specifically states slavery as a key reason they decided to act. They were nice enough to record that which they were to defend. How nice.

That is what the confederacy was about. The South spent 50 years threatening session time and again, and almost doing it more than once (And the story of Pres. Jackson facing down a senator from South Carolina over this and making him blink is just great.). It always came back to slavery. Another state joins, they might not be a slave state. OH NO! Remember history class? The confederacy. It is what it was. As are its symbols. The confederate flag stands for a defense of slave economics, for KKK night rides, and Jim Crow laws. (Sorry if that ruins Dukes of Hazzard or anything, it is just the facts.)

The history of the South is largely built on the backs of a people that yearned to be free from its mark. That is a history lesson too much of the South and far far too much of conservatism refuses to learn or consider.

Meddling in the law.

We know the Church pushes government on abortion law and laws that would allow wide access to birth control around the world. Now in CT, one that would extend the statute of limitation on child sex abuse.

They don't want wider protection and justice for children that are or were once cruelly abused by pedophiles. Why? It hardly seems...oh. That is sick. To protect themselves, screw the kids...yeah, that does sound like the Church.


What Would Jane Austen Do?

Here is a fun article on Jane Austen speaking to our modern morality.

To arrest the pope. Dawkins on the record.

A bit of a comedy of errors has arisen around the notion of taking the pontiff into custody. The Sunday Times did its story after briefly talking to Richard Dawkins. They announced...

Richard Dawkins: I will arrest Pope Benedict XVI

Wow. Strong words.  Citizen arrest?  But is it true?


Dawkins refutes it. He got a call got a few questions. He was supported the idea of challenging the pope visiting the UK, and stopped there. The paper went on and filled the blanks (This used to be a good paper, right?).

But people got upset. Those New Atheist! Those Atheist Taliban? Fundamentalist Atheist! This fantasy tale!

Now, should the pope be arrested? Is there reason to believe he is involved in a crime in any place he is at or visits? If so, sure. That is how the law and law enforcement works, right?  Is the pope above the law? Is a president? A general? A celebrity? As they say, he's no better than he ought to be.

And if evidence and witnesses exist to give proof against this or any person...the law should be upheld.

Is there a reason not to? He's not Judge Dredd. He ain't the law.

Forgot about this pic.  THIS...IS...OXFORD!!!

Criticisms and the Church

Maureen Dowd has an interesting look at the poor attitude towards women and why things need to change.

An interesting view of how these events in the Vatican could tie back to John Paul II.

Then another from a woman worried at people, like Michelle Malkin - yeah her, criticizing the Church.  What I find fascinating is how she sees the faith of Catholics. It is all about the faith and truth of Catholicism. While popes, bishops, and lay Catholics are flawed. The faith and truth stands.

Now this is the same faith and truth that has been shaped and defined and worked over for millennia by popes, bishops, and lay persons with power and sway. So her concept of the church somehow lives outside of all of this?

Is it a book?  Is it a way?  Is it culture?  What is this thing called Catholic?

Does her wonderful concept includes denying choice to women, denying birth control, and numerous other expectations. And is that okay? Is it what is and has always been right? Is some of it wrong? But she knows to pass through the false truths to the true truths? Do any of these ideas and dictates matter?  Is this faith beyond that?

Then what's left? What is there more substantive then a self constructed idea?  An imaginary friend?  Hope?

And what is left for those kids that have been given over to be abused and silenced for ages now?  Hope?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Friday, April 09, 2010

Okay this is funny.

Who's the gorilla again?

Even after a fire.  You gotta laugh at the absurdity of a moment.  Why dress like a gorilla?

How do we have the strength to bother to try to talk...


What do we do with Reps?  They will say anything.  I know.  I have said this before.  I know.  They have been like this for some many years.  But...really?

Newt: Obama's is the most radical administration in American history

Really?  He's a radical?  With the tax cuts.  With the continuing of your wars.  With the attempts to compromise and work with you.  He's the radical?  I thought he was a bit of a historian?  Guess not.

They don't even listen to what they are saying anymore!  They just spout crap.

But the sickest part is how people eat it up, without a thought, without consideration.

America needs to grow up.  Republicans are a bad influence.  You got to stop hanging out with them, listening to them, and believing there lies.

Taking breath.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Subversive shelving.

I noticed something in a Walmart I was in over Easter (Yeah a liberal in a Walmart, wanna fight?).  I was looking at the videos, and unsurprisingly they had a lot of Jesus flicks up for sale, it being Easter and Walmart.  But what I was amused to see was that between rows of Jesusy goodness, was a mass of other films, vampire flicks (crappy ones, but still vampire horror movies.  It may be just me, but I can't help but think that someone at Walmart, who sends out the orders for shelving around the country, has a subtly (A very subtle...) subversive sense of humor.

I mean, Jesus...Vampires.  The blood, the undead thing, the super powers.  It felt like a subtle (A very subtle...) dig to me.

But maybe it is just me.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

More on TX, to continue the look at Church and State

It is worth coming back to this for the blogswarm period and to just reemphasize some points.

First, it is not too late to have some more involvement.  The last votes on the TX curriculum come next month.  The likes of the Texas Freedom Network can use help and support.  So stay aware, even if the news media is done with that cycle.

Next it is interesting to remind ourselves of the services that help establish the planned ridiculous religious ultraconservative approach.  Who did they ask to advise them?  

Professors from Austin or Houston?  Them? Psshaw!  

How about even Baylor?  Those biased types, no!  

No they got David Barton from Wall Builders.  A religious conservative group bent on twisting the popular view of history to define the US as Christian, now and forever.  He has even been caught offering quotes that have no proven point of origin...he says the founding fathers say all sorts of things.  So he is far from reputable, and far from the top scholar.  

And he is the expert that advised on these standards.

What results were they pushing for, hmm?

This story is not over, and it is up to us all to not let the media just let it die...along with history.

So get active.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Blog against Theocracy

It is almost time for another blogswarm.

Blog against Theocracy Blogswarm

Coming April 2-4, 2009.

Get involved.