Thursday, February 25, 2010

HCR: Strutting upon a Stage Edition

As I noted last night, Boehner and the gang have come to largely play...and it turns out to be a bad fantasy Panto.

McCain still is fighting the '08 campaign.
Just a long screed and whine about Obama.  Glad you came to help America, John.

Boehner sends out a preemptive message to complain.
Good to see he is open.  And we see the talking point that Reps will be using.  Let's just be bipartisan and pass small tort reform, tax cuts, and free reign for the insurance industry.  It'll be a great victory...Yeah, give Reps what they want.  Brilliant.  And no one is calling them on it on CNN.  And why is Mary Matalin getting free reign to slag the president along side the "journalist" who want take one side or another.  Great job CNN.

(This really bugs me.  The media seems to like the small bill plan, so tort reform is going to get pushed, even as the Dems point out how little it means in comparison to the bigger issues.  But on top of this...Reps have not been able to push major tort reform...but Dems may well go and do it for them.  They couldn't slash as hard as they wanted at access to abortion, but Stupak will lead larger number of Dems to do it for them.  Isn't there something wrong here?)

Senator Alexander gets called on his crap by the president and AP.

The Two Faces of the Republicans.
On the one hand Republicans are pushing plans to dismantle Medicare and with the other hand they feint at being it's one true defender.  And will the media call them on it?

Outside, Steele wishes we could have talked a year ago.
Which the president actually did.  Remember?  While you were attacking, complaining, and trying to scare the country?  Remember?

A list of articles from TPM for today.

Shameless: The Conservative Way

Conservatives are shameless.  To support the contention, I submit the following:

Tucker Carlson now fears and opposes 'over the top' rhetoric.

Carlson made his name on Crossfire on CNN.  This was an hour long show built exclusively on over the top rhetoric and empty argument.  Now he could have grown, changed, or moved on since then.  But he hasn't.  He has continued on, applying the same crap spreader to any media outlet that takes him (like FOX news).

And to be sure.  By over the top, he means those extreme Dems.  Of course.

McCain, McCain, Spreading the Blame.

He is now trying to blame Pres. Bush for his campaign suspension from '08.  It wasn't McCain's fault.  Bush made him do it, even if everyone else remembers it differently.  So he is trying to blame Bush, just as he is trying to join in the Rep meme that Obama is all about blaming Bush.  Brilliant.  Better yet he is blaming Obama to, saying Obama suspended his campaign as well, which he didn't do.  Is it time to finally just stop any and all bull about straight talk and John McCain?

Who caused the current economic crisis?  Hippies.

Yes, the age old enemy of conservatism is back.  The Hippy.  And as everyone knows, they lead to the excess of the 80's and the decisions of 00's.  It all fits together...and the Mona Lisa is the final proof...

Hippies.  Is there nothing they can't be blamed for?

Pawlenty, the Panderer.

He is one among many.  But it is interesting to see this guy sell off all of his nice guy cred for some short term hard conservative cash that will prove of little use.  All those moderate points are getting pawned at criminal rates.

And I loved his 9-Iron wit.  Taking a club to the window of government?  Breaking out the governments windows?  That is pretty violent imagery for how to act towards government?  Particularly from him?  I look forward to that getting replayed i he ever runs for something again in Minnesota.  Oh wait, the MSM wouldn't want to do that.  That wouldn't be fair.

Olbermann and the need for real reform

Olbermann put out a pained Special Comment this night over health care.  Things are not going well for his severely ill father.  And he sees daily just how important his health care insurance is at this time of his life.  And looking at the pain and trouble that he and his father face...motivates him to push the White House and Congress to get the job done.  As well, he points to the need to damn those that turned the need to guarantee people get end of life aid and the chance to discuss those issues with a doctor.  It is important.  It isn't easy, but it is the difference between making and second guessing decisions and knowing what those you love need and want.  I know at times I am haunted by what decisions I made be called on to make one day as one's child, but what is worse is to make a rushed and uninformed decision.

And so those meeting Thursday morning really need to think and start acting.  No more blocking any reform.  No more one sided deals to industries.  No more talk of just coming back to it another year.

We, WE the people, need reform.  We need to cut through the bull and spin.  And this falls on the media as well.  Olbermann and Maddow can't take the brunt of this work.  People like Blitzer and the other anchors need to stop be disinterested brokers of data shunts.  Be damn journalist.

Video of the Special Comment

Daily Kos Diary entry from Olbermann on Special Comment

I just wanted add a thought as I have thought of the loathsome posturing of Rep. Boehner (the Boner).  All along he has played a role as a Panto villain.  The HCR bills are TOO LONG, then TOO SHORT.  He wanted media coverage, then the media coverage is all a trap for him.  He is a joke, a self made one.  And now, as a meeting he demanded and is welcomed at looms...what does he say?  "I'm going to crash the party."


It's his fucking meeting, and he is going to go all rogue on it?  In advance, with a presser for the media?  What crap.

People are dying, suffering, and being made to feel afraid.  And all he can think of is, "It's showtime."  Man loves his little hand mirror.  And he will bring about a great deal of suffering to this country in the hope of bolstering himself.

It's fucking shameless.

[Picture added]

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Those Deadly Abortion Bans

Feministing looks at a sad example of the problem when you just ban, or more importantly let religion and politics dictate medicine.  Neither religion or politics give a damn about the reality faced by actual people.

In Nicaragua they have passed an absolute ban on abortion.  Now a young woman who is pregnant, has cancer.  But the way to treat will mean she will need an abortion first.  And that is illegal.  So she commits a crime, or she sits down and dies.  That would leave her living 10 year old daughter orphaned.

What's the politico-religious answer there?

To help:

UPDATE: The coalition working on this case is asking individuals and organizations to take action. Head over to RH Reality Check to find out how you can help.

ST:VOY and the stupid things writers say

A new review came up and Star Trek Voyager, and looking at it made we think about an earlier review that was related.  The newer one deals with a mangled science versus religion story.  And the older review is about the wonders of "primitives".  Suffice to say they are both insulting pieces.

And with recent thoughts about the mishandling of multiculturalism and the dissing of real science.  These reviews seem both humorous emblematic of the troubles we face.

Sacred Ground - Science vs. Religion.  On one side the dogmatic rigid and unrelenting bastion of close mindedness and on the other side...religion.  I hope religion really just shows science the need to grow and learn.  Don't worry, it will.

Tattoos - Where we learn the nomadic indigenous tribes of ancient Earth had it right...and that they only knew future success because aliens came and helped them along.  Think of it like ST IV, where the whales are now Indians...are you insulted yet?   Wait until you see the isolationist religious zealot who is always inthe right.  You will be then.

Really, writers of these eps...hang your heads in shame and think about what you did.

Homeopathy is water...

Phil Plait points to a great new finding coming out of the British government.

Homeopathy has been found to be a waste of money.  Particularly it is a waste of the governments.  Through the NHS they are forced to pay to support the practice.  But a new finding out of Parliament says it is a waste.  Seeing as around 4 million pounds go into this a year, they will hopefully move soon to end support and put the money to far better use.

The trouble is that there is pressure to continue support.  The anecdotal outweighs actual large scale studies..

The media not getting it

Digby looks at current media reaction to Ron Paul in the wake of C-PAC.  Particularly through the eyes of Chris Matthews.

He seems to see Paul as something of a Goldwater Rep...interesting analysis.  The media is like that.  Paul is somewhat quite Libertarian.  And he puts forward a certain social openness/keep the government out attitude.  But he has pushed anti-choice laws, and seems open to other encroachments at times.

Here is from a list of Paul positions from posted via Andrew Sullivan:

  • Withdrawal from the U.N.
  • Withdrawal from NATO.
  • Return to the gold standard.
  • End income tax.
  • End Federal Reserve.

Then there are those racist writings and ties.

But, yeah, let's simplify it all and say he's just like Goldwater.  Great.

This is the analysis and information we get through the MSM.  And then after they spread it around.  They poll their watchers and find that they hold to these "facts" they built up.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Lomborg Revealed?

PZ Myers point to something I have been long wanted to see determined one way or another.

Bjorn Lomborg has long played himself off as a great skeptic, standing against the Global Warming dogma.  He has tried to sound reasonable, pointing to the pointlessness of laws and regs that claim to fight the polluting influence of the modern world.

But his work is now in question.  As the piece aboce notes.  In going through the footnotes of Lomborg, it seems the referencing doesn't bare out his claims.  Interesting.  I hope we hear more.

Easy comic work gone wrong.

What is this?

Really.  They want to do a new X-Men book to get casual readers and this is the approach?  I thought the women in the middle and in black was the Emma Frost character at first.  Her breast are spilling out of the bottom of her shirt...and I thought it was a tasteless take on Frost.  Then I realized the hair she had, and that Frost is on the right (and GEEZ!  Look at that pose and how she is drawn...ewww.)  That is the approach to Storm, like that doesn't put a bad taste in the mouth.

And how about Cyclops in the center.  With the cowl, the t-shirt, and gloves...He looks like he's dressed to kick in your door and kidnap you.

So they have a new book.  It, unlike the kid fare (though it extends to light and fun fare for all ages) Marvel Adventures, and more adult Ultimates, will be actually part of the continuing stories in the main books...which this isn't part of...somehow.  So it is a side book that you don't have to read, and doesn't require reading the main books.  And major changes will occur to the main books through this book...somehow.

This is real honest to gosh attempt to have one's cake and eat it to.  Another classic decision from Joey Q?

A new wider audience X-Men book is easy, look at X-Men: First Class (looking at youthful adventures of the first team.  And this story has bee told and retold for the past 2 decades). This is just so awkward.

BTW.  Who is the girl on the left in the red blob?  No clue.

Looking at the Christian war on history.

The NYT has a good piece online.  How Christian Were the Founders?

Among the things looked at is the attempts to rework history to emphasize conservatism and a particular Christian view of the world and history.

This is epitomized by Texas, and the State Board of Education, where moves are made wipe César Chávez.  Phyllis Schlafy, Gingrich, Reagan, the Heritage Foundation, the NRA (rifles not New Deal) and the Contract with America need prominence.  But they do want Margaret Sanger (who pioneered birth control), but so they can use her as an example of eugenics.

That is what Texas faces.  Attack on science books, moves to bring religion further into schooling, and rewriting history.

It is further noted.  That they see history as being obfuscated by those damn liberals.  They can only hope to block God's will and the America's destiny.  See, the founders meant for us all to be lead by Christianity and Christian intents.

Now...the fact the majority of the country is Christian...most all of the government is run by Christians...doesn't that say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED...No?  Hmm?

These guys just prove to be so damn creepy and scary.  They see history as proof of their beliefs ascendancy and truth.  And when history doesn't rework the history.  Just as with science where...[SEE HISTORY]

ADDENDUM:  Here's another example of trying to control the school books, so at to control the message...i.e. science daring to challenge Jewish teaching.  The case of Dr. Gavriel Avital.

And my sweet block headed South Dakota has a resolution heading to the Senate that will call for "equal balance" in discussing Global Warming in classrooms.  And it isn't even the only state.  ANd I have to agree if you are in state, make calls and voice your concern.
Concerned citizens should call their state senators and Governor Mike Rounds to tell them that this bill needs to die.

Obama's War on Christians

Ken Blackwell, the guy that helped steal the election from Kerry, is out announcing the dark and dire assault Obama is leading...

on Christians.


You see some of the people Obama is trying to place in the Justice Department and EEOC will...lead to an anti-Catholic and pro-Abortion onslaught.

Particularly he used the word POGROM.  Which describes a organized massacre, specifically against Jews.  Even richer, one of the people he attacks is Jewish, descending from a Holocaust survivor.  Still classy, that Blackwell.

Oh, now Rahm's some genius.

Following on the brilliant plan from Mark Halperin to beg and plead with Reps, we now get told how it is by Dana Milbank.  Do what Rahm tells you.

See!  Rahm had it all worked out (if only Obama listened.).  He knew how to do health care.  And that was to not support a public option, and then put out a small Rep friendly bill.  On Gitmo, let it continue.  Rahm is brilliant.  Except...Obama didn't support or push for a public option, even today.  And the idea that there would be a HCR bill Reps would support is dense.  Then with trials and prisons...the plan from Rahm is to just not do the right thing...

So...back a weak bill that Reps would attack and Dems would hate, and then ignore the rule of law.  What a great plan.

All this makes me think is, what was noted in an earlier post.  What the fuck is Emanuel doing day to day?

C-PAC and the Cons

There has been an attempt to grasp where conservatives are now.  Are they far right, tea bagging, compassionate, Mount Vernonites, etc?

Some are excited to have a real a-hole who came to denounce GOP gays was booed.  First, remember, he was an ass, and was picking a fight with the room.  Second, there seems to be a move to use that speaking forum to come off as the great populist who expect all into the tent (No Obama Allowed).  

Even the John Birch Society.  They are a paranoid group that have rallied for years against things like the fluoridation of water.  Years back, they were driven to the fringe, and definitely out of C-PAC.  Now, they are sponsoring it.  What a change.  And they are still as crazy as ever.  And welcomed back in the tent.

Then there was George Will, just looking the other way.  What, Birchers having weight at C-PAC?  What?  Is that the same mouth with which he lies about Climate Change science?

Picture from C-PAC, Real Men Marry Women bumper sticker...cause conservatives now respect gays.

Picture from C-PAC, all the books explaining how Obama is personally destroying or destroyed everything.

Then Ron Paul won the presidential straw poll (Which really means nothing.).  He beat Romney and Palin, and Romney actually campaigned to win this.  This peeved some people who don't think he deserved the win.  

And look at who are tied to Paul.  The Oath Keepers.  They are nutty enough to even bug O'Reilly.  They see the disarming of people during Katrina as treasonous.  They try and downplay how severe things were during the disaster.  And they want the military and police to resist Obama when the illegal orders come.  They court insurrection.

I also note this from C&L:
Oath Keepers in coalition with John Birch Society, 9/12 Project branch. Oath Keepers is listed as a member of Friends for Liberty, a coalition that, according to its website, includes the right-wing John Birch Society, the Spokane, Washington, branch of the Glenn Beck-associated 9/12 Project, and Vaccination Liberation, a group that claims as part of its mission to "reveal the myth that vaccines are necessary, safe and effective."

New Doctor Who teaser

Here's a fun teaser trailer with the Doctor and his new compansion and a quirky glimpse at the dangers they will be meeting.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Betweeen consciousness and communication

There was quite a stir over the story of Rom Rouben.  He is a Belgian man who is in a coma.  Last years his doctors announced that they believed he was conscious, after studies.

Then they added that facilitated communication was used to confirm and interact with him.  As many skeptics will know this technique is largely looked down on as it is incredibly easy to be manipulated, as a person who is disables is guided by another party in spelling out words.  Which can lead to intentional or just simply intuitive jumping around by the other party going where they think the patient would to point.

Rouben's doctors have done a study of the technique and now have presented on it and say it has no merit.  Most of us saw this coming.  But it is nice to have a high profile study done that may help put related shenanigans in there place.

At least we can hope it does.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm a PC

Politically Correct.

What this post is about is how we treat this idea.  It has been turned into a pejorative.  Like LIBERAL, FEMINIST, ATHEIST.  It is a horrible thing to be politically correct.

Hathor Legacy has an interesting piece on this.  When it is pointed out that a story has no women or minorities, or they are shoved into the back or minor roles, people reflexively get upset at it being pointed out.  And they have a point.  Not every story needs to be a Benetton ad.  But when stories dealing more with "others" are so rare, comment should not be ignored.

Diversity is not evil.  Which brings up another term that gets shit on.  Multicultural.  I know people like Pat Condell rage against it as evil.  But that is ridiculous.  In excess it is bad.  But evil.  To know about other cultures is good.  To appreciate differences is good.  To live outside a narrow funnel of history and society is beneficial.  When I was young British people moved to America long ago, wearing big hats and buckles, they had a party with some Indians, and that was how America started.  We all know that ain't the whole story or even all that accurate.  Are Mexicans just sombreros and ponchos?  And, yes, are Muslims just turbans and jihad?  The point is when government bends over to be polite to the point it sacrifices the well being of others or the whole that is bad.  Just like with PC, if you go to an extreme and deny any criticism of those different, that is wrong.

I remember a bit from a Michael Palin doc, Sahara.  He meets a French missionary, a young women, and she talks of her respect for the local culture.  And she casually talks about female circumcision, and actually defends it.  How that is possible as women, I don't know.  Guess it is a matter of go along to get along.

Still, some simple Political Correctness bad?

Who misses the ease of use of the racial term the N-word?  Do you miss the ease of throwing it at people?  Or denying someone a job based on race or sex?  Miss the old days?

Who longs for this..well, some conservatives and a large chunk of the tea baggers, I guess.

How to treat a Beck

Maddow (w/ vid) has gotten herself drawn into slight back and forth with Glenn Beck.

Beck has a regular habit of exaggerating, denying past comments, and...lying.  She called him on this.  Then in response he mocked her and edited her work to blot out her actual evidence for her point, so he could mock her more for not serving up any evidence.

Maddow happily dealt with this as all media should.  Show the claim from the loudmouth.  Then show the actual unvarnished facts, or video.  Then make the point clear, he manipulated the evidence he had and has tried to hide from responsibility...while being an utter asshole.

Why this is not done more often is beyond me.  The number of times Cheney alone has lied, and he has only once really had his lies called out.  And that is really never brought up in the MSM, they just let him speak and treat him seriously.

Mount Vernon Statement

Conservatives are trying to create the illusion of a honest and positive agenda.  See the Mount Vernon Statement.

It's being promoted by all the best, member of the Heritage Foundation, Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council, good old drowner of government Grover Nordquist, and other charming purveyors of hate and conservatism.  A lovely, lovely group indeed.

It is the usual dreck from these people.  Values.  Founding Fathers.  Limited government.  Just a regular snow job of a piece that really says nothing.

At least the actual Mount Vernon passed on them.

Not even trying to come off as the good guys.

Sec. Sebelius is bringing out a report today on what the insurance industry is up to.

There going to be jacking up rates rapidly.  But we knew that.  But we know now they are going to be doing it in more and more places.

The report will be making it clear...We need reform.

Duh, Congress, duh.  Get to freaking work!

Whatever it is, I'm against it.

Since early last year this song from the Marx Brothers has been dancing about in my head.  It speaks to the Rep mentality to work and allow a functioning government.  Boehner just make a more painted up and less funny joke.

Marx Brothers, Horsefeathers

Virginia, denying rights long?

Virginia was a state that moved to gays from discrimination once upon a time.

The new Rep governor has moved to restore the state of things...back how many decades?  Yeesch.

Christopher Maloney is a quack

Maloney is a naturopath in Maine that PZ Myers has noted.

Seems he is spouting a lot of crap, as a good quack will do.  When he was criticized by a blogger on Wordpress, the blogger was shut down following complaint.  No criticism is wanted...

So, FYIChristopher Maloney is a quack.

Amy Bishop - Using deaths to sell your own biases and causes

I was tempted to pass on this post, but I hit three examples and just had to go ahead.

In the wake of the sad events around which Bishop murdered and severally injured her colleagues, many have sought to use this as a way to support there claims and causes.  It is much like what we see in the wake of these sorts of tragedies.

Sal -> Darwinism
Sal Cordova is a creep who has decided to be all the more so by pointing to the fact Bishop was supporting the Clergy Letter Project.  He is pointing to "Survival of the Fittest" as a...damning point.  So being a biologist now damns evolution and surrounding ideas, any group that doesn't race to denounce any ties is in league with her...It's like the shit they use to do on the talk show on CNN, Crossfire.  Every show was calling out a person who acted or spoke wrong, and demanding the pundit on the other side denounced them.  It was pathetic.  And so is this.

Beck -> The violent left-wingers
Glenn Beck saw the events and decided it was an example of the ultra violent left wing.

She is part of a liberal group that backed Obama.  So they are all like her.  Now the fact among those dead are likely people who shared her politics...not relevant.

Boston Herald -> D&D
Yes, Dungeons & Dragons.  They went there.  And it is such a shitty story.  And unnamed source eagerly announced she met her husband playing the game and she was big time into the game.  A...damning point.  Then they trout out the old 30 year old points and evidence to damn the game (How many editions has it gone through since then?)
The popular fantasy role-playing game has a long history of controversy, with objections raised to its demonic and violent elements. Some experts have cited the D&D backgrounds of people who were later involved in violent crimes, while others say it just a game. A federal appeals court recently upheld a prison ban on the game in Wisconsin, where prison officials reportedly testified they were afraid the game could promote "hostility, violence and escape behavior." 

Pathetic.  After all this death.  This is what the media gives us?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Model T of the Net

AMERICAblog has a post that reminds me of how behind the times we have become when it comes to Internet access.  First we have the continuing struggle of Net Neutrality, and whether we will continue to have the access the public deserves.

But to see communication companies blow off actually improving their infrastructure is just depressing.  We are behind!  France and other countries are so far past up in what they are working with.  And all we get is a sigh and a shrug from the CEO’s.

Better yet this:
…How much can you really expect from a blockhead CEO like they have?
"A 100 meg is just a dream," Qwest Chief Executive Edward Mueller told Reuters. "First, we don't think the customer wants that. … 
Yeah, we won’t want higher speeds for access.  When ever has the American public said they would want more of anything, or for things to work faster.  How fucking myopic is that?  Is he actually incapable of considering long term needs, like the increase in the amount of internet usage occurring and continuing, or the amount being moved about increasing, or the sizes of things moving around?  Hello?  Duh?  Where is he from?  A patent office in 1900?

We need better industry leaders in the country.

Asking for it

Halperin has worked it all out.  So none of us have to worry, it’s all worked out.

What is it?  How to get bipartisan support and work from Reps.  How?  Ask them. 

That’s right.  What Obama forgot to do from the start.  Go to the Reps and ask them to play nice.  He should also say please, and bring flowers, and then put out on the first date.  It’s just sensible protocol.

It is amazing…no it really isn’t.  It’s just more of the pat conventional wisdom of those in power.  Obama just hasn't tried to reach out.  Not in all those social events he’s run exclusively for Reps, in meeting with conservative press to talk, or in actively engaging and holding back, and giving in on so many issues to Rep demands.  No…Obama hasn’t tried hard enough it seems.

And Halperin and others glad pass this out as fact to the public.  And if Obama doesn’t fully bend himself into a pretzel before the media…the snideness starts (“I guess the era of bipartisanship is over [Chuck Todd snort]”). 

The press continues on…  EPIC FAIL

Haiti arrests and right wing reaction

It is interesting to note that following the arrest of Christian workers couriering kids over the border, the right has reacted.

It is interesting to note right winger angst.  Especially against treatment of terror suspects.  They are all for water boarding and eternal imprisonment, and never learning the truth.  But some good Christians suffer, by being held, that is just outrageous.  I guess it is just okay when "we" do it to "them".

Interesting.  Too bad there compassion doesn't that far out from themselves.

Continued attacks on gays

Dire post from AMERICAblog.

In Malawi right now there is continued action against those determined to be and live lives as homosexuals.  It is a far too common assault to see across Africa.  And it is something we offer far too much of a blind eye to.

And as noted in the posting, it is one of many ridiculous issues, like attacking birth control and general condom usage.  They are things that aid society and save lives.  But many pious, with support in manpower, words, and cash coming from the United States, denounce it all.  We have seen many Catholics, including elected officials in England, denounce condoms with just outright lies.  It was much the same crap that gets spouted in the States when it comes to whether to teach and educate kids on sex.

Africa is a test bed, or “test lab”, for these ideas.  And we can see what they wrought, in those that tear their fellow human beings for being different, as they scare people out of safe social decisions (using condoms), and ignorance that is proudly promoted and propagated.

It is an important lesson, and pivot point.  A point ran largely out of the US.  Why is the accepted?  And why are the cost not, at least, being used to better inform us, if not gearing us to help stop the undermining other nations?

Just a reminder: Neocons have no shame.

Bill Kristol wants you to know that he is free of knowledge of shame.

Crooks and Liars has the video.

Did you know that Reps have not politicized national security?

I didn't.  I guess the decades of that which we have seen where some optical illusion or mass

Another one I forgot.  Liz Cheney (w/ vid).  The bile doesn't spill far from the father.

Apparently the successful capture and trials of the attackers of the WTC in '93 is why 9/11 happen.  Yeah.  Civil trials.  Clinton.  Obama.  She manages to blend them all together, while extricating her daddy.

Silent Bob not welcomed

It is sad to see the attitude in the airline industry.  They are seen as the villains.  They know this, right?

Well, we have the story of Kevin Smith, writer and actor, famous for his "Jersey Trilogy", starting with Clerks.

He tried to get on a plane, where he was quickly booted by the pilot.

Why?  Too fat.  Could he not fit in the seat?  No.  Not get the armrest down? No.  Not get the belt on?  No.  He was just too fat.

Charming.  So while they cram more of us on planes, ram prices up, and make the trips less comfortable, they are now adding increased work to pick on fat people (and in Smith's case he isn't even that fat).  Pathetic.

As someone who is plenty large I know it is a pain to fly, and not a thrill for all around, but larger people are just getting picked on more and more.  And it seems to be getting more acceptable.  Is that where we are heading?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

FOX upset that mocking science isn't hip

Crooks and Liars notes the general trouble that FOX news is having following its continual mockery of Al Gore and the science behind Climate Change.

For some reason, comedians, news services, and commentators (other than George Will) are not joining the bandwagon FOX is starting.  And they think it is just unfair.  They decry the lack of skepticism (Funny, they like to be skeptical about science and Obama, but wars...let's not ask questions.).  Of course if they wanted to hang out with actual skeptics, they wouldn't enjoy it much.

There is still debate, in some quarters.  But FOX sought to sell heavy storms across the U.S. as proof  that damns all the other science studied for the last several years.  It snowed, global warming is not true.

They actually thought people would jump on to that plank?  It is so stupid.  Maybe they don't think so, but it lets them play at being the great Conservative victims of ancient Coulterian myth.

Paul "Social Security Cutting Randian" Ryan

Paul Ryan, a Republican rep from Wisconsin is doing the country or his party no favors.

He is a respected voice on budgeting and has put together an early budget from the Republican perspective.  It spells doom for Social Security and Medicare...hey, weren't these guys the only true defenders of these things last summer?  Well as a Rand lover he seems eager to privatize away Social Security to free us all.  I dread the thought of a Randian doctor, looking to liberate me from life support someday.  He seems like a guy that goes about flicking eggs out of nest to get them going early in life.  Privatized Social would that have gone last year?

He's also a big fan of the brain turd, Jonah Goldberg.  About as bad as being a fan or and quoting Glenn Beck.

Are Dems going to make a point of this stuff?  He represents a danger to peoples social safety net, will it be discussed?  I'm still waiting.

How to deal with the Republicans

A couple of useful ideas for dealing with Congress, via TPM.

The Endless Disappointment
Up or Down Votes.  That is a phrase not used.  Conservatives like to play on fairness is all things.  This will turn the matter.  As noted, it may not work on Job bills and Health Care, but when it comes to appointments and posts, it may carry favor across the country.  This phrase should be being used by Dems.  Why isn't it?

Pressure should be put on the few Republicans left that are in non Republican strongholds.  The pressure from the RNC and tea baggers is strong.  But making it hard to keep independents and more conservative Dems less likely to give support may be enough to turn matters.  But it seems like a longer term plan.

Many faces to women

When Chinchilla was elected president of Costa Rica, it was celebrated.  It is good for the sake of seeing women gain high office (though it is not as if she is the first woman in Central or South America to win high office).

But as Feministing notes, she is not bringing support for key women's and other social issues with her.

Among her stands:

  • Opposes access to abortion
  • Opposes access to morning afer pills
  • Opposes same sex marriage.

Rates go up and up

AMERICAblog looks at the reality that the insurance industry starts hiking prices across the nation.

More and more states are seeing rapid rises.  They give a critique of claims that particularly the individual coverage needs to have higher rates for the risk.  Id remind you that the Reps have repeatedly pushed to see people cover themselves in this market, this is the result we would have now, without employee coverage, or national coverage.

And as they point out, how hard is it for Dems to show the insurers for the villains in the story that they are?

Thanks MTP

I have been trying to find a good clear example that the media seems to have with the Pants Bomber story.

And Meet the Press today put it out there.

They had on this Republican rep in to explain how all fault falls on the Dems.  David Brooks was along to help.  Luckily Rachel Maddows was on as well. (Here's the video now.)

This guy from the House gave all the basic answers.  To the main point he throw out the claim that the Pants Man "clammed up" once he was mirandized.  Maddow was quick to jump in and call this the lie it is (He is still communicating intel.).  As she did it, the host, Gregory cut in.  Rather he tried, Maddow is good at getting her point out without being cut off.  So she pointed to the lie and what we were getting.  Then Gregory was able to finish by trying to minimize her point.

Which is the problem in the media.  We are getting the intel, and following the law.  But the media feels the need to step in and tsk tsk the events, as Reps are complaining.  The point seems to be that maybe the military could get more info.  Maybe, but maybe is we freed him we could have gotten even more data...that is the point any alternative may possibly work better.  But this way, with the FBI, we are being legally responsible...while getting the fucking intel we needed.  But the MAYBE in the room is being sold as unvarnished truth and the media seems to treat it as a valid and important point.

It ends up blocking out the success of the case against Pantsy, and also a way to end a conversation about what was being called a lie by Maddow.  And the lying by Reps has done a lot to blot out the success of the last year.  Jobs were created.  No they weren't.  Dems try to reform healthcare.  No, they want to steal your Medicare.  Dems cut some tazes.  No, only raises will occur with taxes.

And the controversy is the story.  Or the fact that Obama has caused the controversy and trouble.

It is like Maddow also pointed out in the show.  She called it "Washington common sense", and I call it the conventional wisdom, but the point is a position is talked up and treated like gospel, no matter the evidence to the contrary.  See the above points and then bipartisnship.  The president has tried to work with Reps repeatedly, Dems have sat with Reps.  But all that happens are demands for capitualtion, blockage, or stalling.  The Reps actually bragged about it last Summer.  But the media loves that conventional wisdom, and they love their conservative sources.  Mean old Obama, he never gives them a shot (Like they have at all the sit downs, or for the last 10 years.).

Thanks Gregory for exemplifying the points.

  • All sides are valid
  • Conventional wisdom is king.
  • Let's avoid the awkward debates. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Death Star/Single Torpedo Conspiracy

An interesting piece was put together looking at the events leading to the destruction of the first Death Star (from the Star Wars films), and then the second one built.

How did one small missile destroy a planet scale place?  How did a group of snub fighters get through defenses that would have destroyed a fleet of ships?  Why was the whole of the TIE fighter force based on the Death Star not launched to wipe out the meager group of X-Wings?  Why was Skywalker seen aboard the Death Star just before it was destroyed?  What really happen to Kenobi, why do they say he died on the first Death Star, yet he was seen at an event after the second was destroyed?  Why was Han Solo payed a huge sum leading up to the battle?  Why was Vader seen flying away from the original Death Star just before it was destroyed?  And why was he seen fleeing the second with Skywalker?

Look at the Death Star conspiracy, and the disturbing reality that it was likely an inside job.

What's wrong with asking some questions?  Better yet, in knowing the film and looking at this you can see how a conspiracy is birthed from actual event to twisted "theory".

Here's the first related video.

Friday, February 12, 2010

B-Day for Darwin

I almost forgot.

This is the day that in 1809 Charles Darwin, who traveled the world, study life in many of its forms, and developed the basics of what would be our current understanding of Evolutionary Theory, was born.

The theory has moved on some since his day.  And even then he was not alone in seeing where the evidence was pointing.  But his hard work, willingness to suffer haranguing, and move science forward should be long celebrated.

It can be happily said that the world is a far better place for his presence and his efforts.

Another argument against gays in the military

TPM notes the new argument.  Muslims around the world where we place our forces won't like it.

Which approach to this...

First, this is the same damn argument that was made about having women serving in the armed forces.  Or, to allow women into the roles of Sec of State or Sec of Defense.  We know how much that worries people now.  Or how much that impacts our international ops...Not at all.

Second, fine.  If the Saudi don't want to work with us.  Fine.  If Iraq won't take our help.  Fine.  We'll pull out tomorrow.  If the Afghan want us out.  Bye.  But let's be honest they aren't going to thrown into a tizzy.  The bombings and shootings won't flip them out, gitmo and torture doesn't do it, but if we admit that there are gays among our forces...oh boy.

Because the point is, there are gays in the military, and only a fool can't accept that.  They are there and the world is still turning.  And we operate around the world.

What's more...what about the Brits?  They have open gay troops...what is the negative for them in all the places we work Iraq and Afghanistan?

None at all.  Think about it.

Dan Quayle has something to say...

He wants in on discussions of the functioning of the U.S.

Who the fuck cares.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Sound Drug Test

David Broder has been expressing some odd ideas over the past year, but today in the Washington Post, he has finally proven to me he is on something...something strong.

He has announced the Sarah Palin has...yeah, Palin...she has the right stuff.  For what?  To become president.

She touts populism as conservatism and talks in front of 600 people, with excessive press coverage...and she is on her way...

Time to pass around what your smoking Broder.

It is even funnier with the poll that TPM notes.  Palin has a majority of people looking at her unfavorably.  And those that think she is not competent to be the prez...falls around 70%.  That's Dems and Reps.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Airport body scans

Hey, guess what!

People are abusing the access to the imagery.

Who'da thunk it?

WH Press Corp - Holding their breathes

Apparently the WH Press Corp isn't cool with Gibbs having a sense of humor or a backbone.

  • A jab at Palin and her palm notes, is unfair and just not the right tone.
  • Criticism of a former VP who is attacking a nearly calling the president a dare Gibbs.

So...the Obama admin is not allowed to quip and chide opponents taking shots at them?

And Crooks and Liars looked back over the past decade and noted, when Snow and other press secretaries took shots, it was cool, even when it was at the press corp.

The common quip from conservatives snipping continually at the WH is that when Gibbs or other reply, that it isn't very bipartisan.  And the press corp joins in.

I guess the WH staff and Obama are literally supposed to be Christ like and just turn the other cheek as conservatives strike them in the head with large rocks.  It is ridiculous.  These are not hard hits at Cheney or Palin, they are jokey retorts to stupid shit.  But the press just attacks.  Really classy folks.  But they thought Jeff Gannon was one of them.

Beck, History, and the Conservative Agenda

If you have watched the fight to keep schools secular, to keep government secular, and in turn protect the rights of the have seen some common arguments and also some familiar David Barton.

Beck continues on his Joker inspired spree across the nation.  He has his books and speeches and little's all silly...deadly silly. Cue Beck chuckle, shrug, and eye roll maneuver.

Like so many conservatives before him (like those on the Texas School Board) he wants to set history right.  He wants the God (the right god, of course) loving founders known.

So he is working with people like Barton.  Who, if you know his work already, spouts crap.  He gets quotes from Jefferson and Madison that have them embrace a religious government...(Now I should say this.  Quotes are tricky things.  You can find ones that say a person thinks one way, and another that shows the opposite.  You need to dig deeper than a single quote.)  The important thing to note about his beloved quotes is that they are unsourced.  They come more likely from his ass, than from the mouths of these people from centuries back.  And this has gotten him bumped from the call list of many...but Beck wants him.

They want to push a myth.  Beyond all of his other myths and conspiracies about death camps, slaughter, etc, this is about a secret history of piety and faith that built this country, but was those secularist bastards.  I await his series of historical fiction based on this fevered dream of Becks.  But he is putting weight behind this...and we have to stand against the blotting out and rewriting of history conservatives seek.  They want to edit school books, they want to have legislatures pass bills with there visions of history, and they want you to forget all those aspects of the past that contradict their world view and challenges their vision.

This is disturbing.  They will rewrite science if they can.  And they will rewrite history.

I am constantly disturbed by how eagerly conservatives look to 1984 as a blueprint for the future.

Republicans say the...they say anything...

As noted before, they seem willing and able to embrace any claim to garner their ends.

Look at what Rachel Maddow (w/ vid) pulled together, a list of all the times Reps denounced and cried out over the stimulus then posed for pictures to brag about the money "they" brought into the state.  Apparently since the senator from Oklahoma was whined about being called out.  And to respond to the clear hypocrisy, Reps say they oppose it to this day, but since the money came, they had to show up and accept it.  What they mean is, they know it will do good and be good PR, so they have to grab on and take as much credit as they can.  It is sad politics.

Then you have Gov. Mark Sanford.  I could just stop there.  But it seems after attacking stimulus spending...he wants some.  Yeah it must just be so horrible...until you need...stimulus.  He actually snuck up to Washington to beg the Admin for some cash.  Is that what King David would do?

Then this idiot pundit Geller went on TV last night to make claims about how great Palin was and denounce Ron Regan for not knowing his own father and how he would embrace the Tea Baggers.  She got to the point she was claiming that Ron Reagan had never met his own father...would you like me to pull up some pics from Google to show them together?  Like Coulter and any other of this ilk she just screamed and ranted and hoping the segment would end before anyone could successfully challenge her.  It is pathetic and so Republican.  Ironically Stephanie Miller was on to, daughter of a former Rep VP nominee, and I know she to has been belittled by callers into her progressive radio show, claiming she is shaming her departed father.  These conservatives have no shame about saying anything hurtful just to try an score "points".

Brennan bite

John Brennan, Deputy National Security Advisor, has come out and nicely gone after the BS coming from Rep and Conservatives over the Pant's Bomber.  He sets things straight and calls out Reps for politicizing the one thing the said should be beyond politics.

As AMERICAblog notes, this is what we need from the WH.  They need to be calling out lies, time and again.

When Gore ran for president he was constantly called a liar in the media, and it stuck.  The GOP is actually lying constantly.  Shouldn't they be tarred by their acts?

Now Sen. Kit Bonds wants him fired for standing us to them...and they didn't understand what he meant when told them what happen.

And as much as they want to go after Brennan now, they can't deny their timeline.  They were fine until Cheney told them they weren't.

Liberal Media?

Crooks and Liars has a couple of good stories about what the big lib papers are churning out.

Washington PostWhy does the Washington Post hate liberals so much?

The post is seeking out stories to attack and mock liberals now?  Why?  And looking at the attitude involved the certainty about science is seen as condescending?  And it is suggested that while there may be some conservatives that are condescending, by far the vast majority of the trouble is coming from libs...really.  He puts forward that you NEVER here conservatives smearing coastal liberals as being disconnected from Midwestern values.  Has he never fucking heard a Rep politician spout?  Or a right winger on TV or radio speak?  California liberal values or East Coast liberal values, he's never heard these terms used as smears?  I have time and again for years.  This guy is so full of crap, and the Post sought him.

New York Times: GOP Whines About Health-Care Summit, NY Times Says 'There, There!'

In discussing health care the Times forward the claim that ideas on health care coming from the GOP is "well-developed".  Again, really?  I remember the Rep plan.  It was shit.  It was crap.  It was and is tort reform and tax cuts, that lead to nice campaign donations.  C&L look at the whole article and can't help but wonder if the paper just received and printed a press release.  

So what are the liberal bastions doing?  Bringing in Reps that are detached from reality to write hit pieces, and then taking a printing uncritical non stories touting Rep talking points.

Good job.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Doctor Who changes.

Now to lighten the mood.

The time for the newest Doctor will hopefully arrive soon.  So time to look back.

At the end of Waters of Wars the Doctor began to take a dark turn.  He was depressed about his lonely status, he has been prophesied by multiple seers as soon to die, his friends suffering due to his fights and causes, his people are all gone, and he feels helpless, or impotent, to make things right in existence.  So he meddles on a major scale, undoing three deaths that had global effect.

Not to plan.  And he is afraid of what is to come next.  And in his next and last story he meets Wilf again, he has popped again a number of times and his the granddad to Donna his last companion, who lost a lot from the experience.  And he cannot help her.  And feels his age and his fate.

He must his oldest nemesis the Master and his people the Time Lords.  A madman and a genocidal species who would wipe out all existence to survive.  He stuck between them and forced to choose.  And after he does, the Master is left with one as well.

But in the end of the story he pays the price for his adventure and to save the world and Wilf's life.  Fatally exposing himself to radiation.  But he finally finds a way to take a balance between dictating terms to the universe and being subservient.  He takes small steps for those he loves.  Old companions Matha and Mickey are about to be murdered, and old friend Sarah Jane is about to lose her son in an accident, and Jack Harkness is lost in a depression, since the events of the last Torchwood story.  And then others he crosses paths with.  He takes small steps to make there lives right.  Such as with Donna who can never have her cosmic adventures back or what she felt and grew into, but maybe he can give her some ease in life and a way to create some new experience of her own, in her own way.

Then he faces his end, grudgingly (And despite what some have said, he wasn't the first Doctor to struggle with his end.

But if you aren't ready for good bye, a tribute.

And here is a preview of new companions and adventures for th reborn doctor.

I'm looking forward to Amy Ponds, a refurbished TARDIS and new adventures.


So what do we have a WH that is wandering towards unsure ends?

Some want to say we needed to elect Dennis Kucinich, or another outsider idealist (A).  That is among the fucking stupidest things I have ever heard.  Now, he always seems like a nice fellow.  An earnest true believer, sure.  But, first, he wouldn't win popular support in this country.  Department of Peace?  Really?  Second, I don't want a full on far left president or a far right one.  Governing from extremes sound like crap.  Though Bernie Sanders always seems like a rather sensible guy you could have a good debate with and find a lot to agree on.

Then people say vote or create other parties (B).  And that is great...if you want to enjoy the many years that your opposite numbers rule is huge majorities over the various levels of government in the country while you hope things go so bad, and you look appealing enough to get power.  Idealist approved.  Realist refused.

The reality is we live in a system that works with 2 parties.  One occasionally splinters and either becomes whole again, or the other side grows.  It is the result built in.  We have our indies, but they join sides in the end.

Walking away then (C)?  That is about the same as joining a 3rd party, just less work to get the end result.

And there is the problem.  If you care about these issues we face today, you want to act, you want results, and you want a voice. Option C is just to give up and walk away.  B gives you a small voice, but active.  It is also one that is deemed by all as fringe.  And A, that feels good and allows a passionate campaign that rarely wins...but you have your principals...

So, staying the course?  HCR is disappointing.  Even if it passes now, it is so much less then hoped, it empowered insurers and leaves the currently insured unsure and the uninsured to figure how they fit.  But they passed a bill.  DADT, theres another debate...we'll see how passionate the president is as the year wears on.  Jobs bill?  How much will be tax cuts to try and impress Reps?

I was struggling late last year for the word to describe it.  And Hal Sparks pointed to it on the radio as last year ended.  Impotent.  That is how I am made to feel by my national party.  Impotent.  Feeling helpless to move an agenda forward.  Or filled with empty rage and screaming on a blog or comments section about how it is all over, or how we have to impeach, or start a new party.  It is all a sense of helplessness.

When we wanted to voice support of HCR, whether to call for single payer or to go after blue dogs we were told to go to our rooms.  Congressional majorities and the presidency is not enough, it seems, to move much forward.

Yet, as I note with the options above, to go another path is to give the opposition the power, and sadly they actually know how to use it.  More cons on the Court, more attacks out on the world, less regulation, and more corporate welfare.

So to stay is to see little return and to walk to options A, B, or C is to allow things to grow worse.

That leaves anyone wanting to enact progressive change feeling impotent.

How do we change that?

Not Our Gang

TPM has a good look at Edward Luce's piece on how the White House is being run.  It is not a loving look, but one I have to agree with from what I have been watching from afar over this last year.

Obama looked to be bringing together a team of rivals to govern this country and advise him.  But what have we got.  Biden seems to disappear, and not having much of anything to do with Congress.  Clinton is in conflict with other advisors and Biden for roles.

And the team from Chicago sits on top monitoring and deciding what is allowable and always there to counter positions that are not in there interest.  Look at all the areas the at Rahm doesn't care for, like civil terror trials, and see how anemic the WH efforts to those ends is.  Look at the WH voice when it came to Health Care Reform, little was said, except when progressives got active and they were slapped down.  This was the crowning jewel for these guys, but what the fuck were they doing the last year.  They lined up deals for industry that also kept them quiet, but made the deal look suspect.  They made a deal with women's groups so thewy would stay out and then did nothing as Stupak pushed his amendment.  Was that the extent of there reach?  It is embarassing.  Which was why I was glad to see Ed Schultz tear into Gibbs over where HCR was  at the start of this year.  Gibbs was unhappy to not see the line being toed by progressive voices on the air.  Where is the fire he showed Schultz when he disagrees with FOX?

TPM and Luce looks at examples like the China trip.
Luce's brief paints a picture of even a well-meaning, policy-focused "Obama the man" being warped out of shape by "Obama the team." Recounting some of the antics during Obama's November China trip, Luce recounts:
The same [dismissal of his key policy advisers in lieu of his political entourage] can be observed in foreign policy. On Mr Obama's November trip to China, members of the cabinet such as the Nobel prizewinning Stephen Chu, energy secretary, were left cooling their heels while Mr Gibbs, Mr Axelrod and Ms Jarrett were constantly at the president's side.

The White House complained bitterly about what it saw as unfairly negative media coverage of a trip dubbed Mr Obama's "G2" visit to China. But, as journalists were keenly aware, none of Mr Obama's inner circle had any background in China. "We were about 40 vans down in the motorcade and got barely any time with the president," says a senior official with extensive knowledge of the region. "It was like the Obama campaign was visiting China."
One wonders why Valerie Jarrett was on the trip in any case. As head of public engagement for the White House, it would seem she should have a rather full plate meeting the demand of the many groups around the United States that want to feel like they are connecting with and being heard by the Obama White House.
And I find it troubling to see the bit that follows where Jarret ran off from the Arab American Institute event on an emergency at the WH, only to be seen shortly later and a trendy restaurant for power brokers.  TPM notes the time Clinton came to AAI, and talked, and interacted, and was almost the last person out of the building.  It is just a difference in governing, and I worry about this clique at the WH.  Where are there priorities, focuses, and interests?  Are they in love with the town, or with the work ahead?

And now where are we?  We got some speeches and steely looks to the Reps.  Good.  But that is about campaigns.  What governance improvements will this lead to?  Is it all to rally the base to vote in November, or will it actually get us needed results?  A good Jobs bill?  HCR?  Climate Change action?  Last year has not left me confident.

Some will say we have to give them (and really him) more time.  I agree he gets 4 years before he is voted on.  I am not one of tose people who in December after the election denounced him for any frivolous reason came to mind. I want to wait and see.  But there must be reasonable returns along the way.  He isn't Santa.  HE isn't coming to us one night and giving it all to us at once, HCR, Climate Change Reform, Equal Rights for all, More Jobs, Balanced Budgets, No debts, and a pony...all waiting under the tree.  Doesn't work that way.  We have had minimum wage increases, Lilly Ledbetter Act, the Stimulus Act, the end of the Global Gag Order, better support for science research, and boost to our international standing, and other action.

But this is how I can visualize how I am feeling.  In this chart we have on the right what we dreamed of.  No more fighting, no war, no racial injustice, rapid environmental.  Never going to happen.  And if that drives you from is the 3rd grade?

Then on the left is all the good that was accomplished.  IT looks small, but that is compared to what was dreamed of.

The important one is in the middle.  We have a congressional majority.  Not a super majority in the Senate, that was never there.  But we have a majority.  We also have the presidency.  With that you have power.  You have a bully pulpit.  And the obligation to speak and call for action as needed.  That was a very silent podium last year.  And it is on that comparison of the two bars on the left that I do judge Obama and the White House.  HCR could have used leadership, dealing with terror trials needed leadership, more than lukewarm comments, and so many other smaller areas that could have been made active were available, like through that summer.  And what about the filibustering and blockage of appointments?  Where was Obama on this?  Push Reps to discuss there actions.  Make them uncomfortable...last year.

We all thought Rahm was coming in to deal with the Senate and  keep them in line and push back, but I just have to find him strangely unimpressive.  The only ire we have seen from him was the recently revealed comments involving f&*$%#@* r#!^#*$#, and that was to liberals who were getting too antsy to do something.

We hoped for someone like the character of Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It, an enforcer pushing things like HCR.  A ball buster who would push back.

Team Obama.

They are all behind and have a lot to make up, I just wonder where they really are trying to go.  And who do they want to impress?

Where the Republicans are

I really would like to know what is in the minds of many Republicans.  Particularly ones that were once conceivably willing to interact on their ideas and those of others in an honest way.

Yes.  There is the pissy moaning of many liberals to say that conservatives never are honest and never willing to deal and debate in faith.  It is easy to say and equally dishonest.  Many Republicans have dealt with the Dems over the years.  And many of them have retired, passed on, or lost reelection.  But some remain from the old days.  When the Stupak amendment was voted on, some conservative women opposed it, while many of the guys supported it, knowing they were going to later vote against it, and it would turn some progressives off.  But a few Reps would not go there.

But the rest of the time they are just not there.  And then there are the likes of Snowe and Collins who would at times deal and work with us (Yes, they did.).  The key thing is now.  Now, they wouldn't stoop to help Byrd back into his wheelchair.  It is ridiculous.

Collin's continued attacks over the Christmas Day bomber, who here will forever be known as the Pant's Bomber, are amazing.  Between her dithering voice and continued pushing of false facts is disgusting.  Even when called on it, she continues, not that the journalist challenging her are doing so too strenuously.  But she is  just out of it, and still allowed on to spout.  But so are all the other leading Reps.

No the rest of the party are touting disproven claims about the events.  The bomber was mirandized and he clammed up, false.  We would have more info from torture, unproven and historically false.  We have failed to take terrorism seriously, ridiculous.

As and aside.
Where the fuck is the media on this?  Just reporting.  Literally, they report claims and then move on.  That becomes a problem worsened by Christ Matthews.  He does like to did a bit into stories.  But he picks and angle of entry of entrance and focus to meet his likes and misses a lot.  You can see it in coverage of this story of the treatment of the bomber.  His focus, the false facts (he seems to believe them largely), the fact that Reps are hitting Dems on following the law, the media coverage is helping cement Rep ideas her into the publics mind, and this all leads to it all being the fault of Dems for not whisking the kid away and beating him...which would have made things worse.  But, you see, Dems were criticized for the right thing and media spread the attacks, so Dems needed to do the wrong thing, and get attacked all the same.  At no point is it suggested that the news should break through the rhetoric and focus on the reality and actual facts.  No, Dems need better spin and to be more Rep-ish.

And there we are.  A crime is committed, and it was a crime, and has been for ages.  An arrest is made.  The law is followed.  Evidence and facts and intel are drawn, within the law.  Success.  Nope.  Where were the secret flights, the military, the hoods, the water board, the terror and fear?  How can you succeed then?  Nope.  Failure.  Toss it all away, America is doomed now that we want to support the law.

And we see this just the same with the terror trials in NY.  It was wrong to have trials.  The 9/11 widows were not allowed a veto (Why would they?).  The mayor was not allowed enough time to block it (Why?  Though with more data to say it would be a major disruption and expense I understand.  But to say that hemming and hawing on justice...come on...Once we knew more then you make adjustments.).  The fact this is all the same as under Bush makes no difference, for Reps or for Matthews -- cause if Obama doesn't spin it well enough to him he won't do the work.  It is all about talking points, and Matthews and others have them just the same as the pols.

ADDENDUM:  Of course the White House ain't helping.  With Rahm Emanuel not being keen on civil trial, the WH has been pretty hands off.  Thanks for the help on your own policy.  But more on that in the next post.