Thursday, June 01, 2017

Semi-Heroic Reviews.

Time for adventure, time for larger than life heroics. Time for good to best evil. It's time for Semi-Heroic Reviews! ...It's the third name that popped in my head, and it amused me, so we're stuck with it.

"Holy Carpal Tunnel, Batman! Does that mean he'll review
"No. Just following our serial required 5 flow charts.
Reviewing us could kill a man."
It's time to head back to the thrilling adventures of yesterday year, or even this year.

Why? Because, like with The Horror Of posts, the point of talking about movies, TV, comics, etc, is to share things and talk about things I love and enjoy, not tear things down for fun. There's is so much out there that we can all enjoy, and some things that are under appreciated, or, even in the Internet Age Resurgence of Super Heroes, unknown to many.

So let's enjoy the bounty.

And to start us off, let's start a trek through the DC Comics Extended Cinematic Universe, and whatever acronym you use for it.

Yes, we will be heading back to 2013 with Man of Steel.

We'll move through the current slate of DC movies until we reach Wonder Woman, and then we'll have that review some time in the weeks to come, after I can see the film a few times and mull on it.

Wonder Woman Fun: Wonder Cookies!

As with all superhero movies these days, you can find a variety of companies and products to tie in. Toys are nice. Underwear and insurance are weird. But cookies...they may be the best.

Out for now in a store, hopefully, near you. Wonder Woman cookies. Wonder Cookies!

It's a fun box, that sets the stage for kids, or adults, to make some simple sugar cookies and have a Wonder Woman party...which is why I'll probably end up stocking up on some of these for when the movie is released for home viewing. (Though I suppose I could put some in a bag and sneak them into the film...)

From pre-prepped frozen rounds...

To warm cookie. (I found I need a full 15 minutes to get the cookies fully cooked and slightly brown on the edges and bottom.) The cookies are not big, they expand some from their initial look, but always remember, these are made for kids first.

After 15 minutes, you will find yourself with a tray, and some a plate, of yummy Wonder Cookies. (But remember, wait a minute or two before touching them after them come out of the oven. These cookies are fragile until they get a cool down minute.

So get out and try some, if it fits your tastes and dietary needs. Maybe even have them with a certain ice cream stores Wonder Woman themed ice cream?

And so are cookies.

And what else does this box promise?

Oh, I will be looking. I will.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

The Horror Of...April Fool's Day (1986), No Joke.

Time to return to reviewing. And what horror awaits us tonight? On a night of fools? What else can we have but a pleasant end to out April Fool's Day. And why not do that with an actually April Fool's experience. A fun murderous night of fools.

April Fool's Day

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Horror Of....Grabbers (2012)

Here we are again, a St Patrick's Day...weekend. And you have to wonder what there is to watch that aligns quite well with the holiday and might give you a scare. And steering away from learning about the horrors in Irish history, I might say The Lair of the White Worm. It's about besting some snakes, and gives you some Hugh Grant and Peter Capaldi. But I've already looked at that lovely film.

So I could move on to the Leprechaun movies. But they are a bit on the nose, and I'd rather to start on them another day.

So why not dive into some Irish horror? And why not start with something relatively recent?


Friday, October 07, 2016

Get yourself registered to vote. 2016.

The election is almost here. Just over a month from today is election day, November 8th, unless you live in a state that will allow you to early vote. (Do you?)

So that means many registration deadlines are looming. Some sooner than others. Let's review in case you need to start planning for a trip to your county courthouse, or administrative facility.

More information about voting at Voters 411. See the deadlines, ballot info, poll locations, etc. You can also use Ballotpedia, the page I linked here will allow to see a sample ballot for your district.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The Horror Of...Halloween Night, Warlock (1989)

It's getting dark earlier, and it makes October nights all the more lovely for getting down to horrible fun in front of your favorite screen. And among the 80's Must See's, Warlock should make the list.

It's a fun and odd little film. It's a mix of horror, fantasy, and time travel. In some ways it's almost The Terminator in reverse.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The Flash Review Season 2

As we ready to see what comes in the 3rd season of The Flash, let's look back at Season 2.

It was a hectic season that started off with Barry Allen, Flash, dealing with the repercussions of the first season. The effort to stop the Reverse Flash from escaping to cause more harm resulted in the deaths of Eddie Thawne and the Reverse Flash. A large tear in space/time opened up over Central City, and the Flash and Firestorm went in to try and close it before reality was destroyed.

In the wake of closing it we learn that Firestorm died in the effort. Ronnie Raymond, half of Firestorm disappeared into the gash in reality, and he is gone. The other half, Dr. Stein, is left without the ability to access their powers.

The Flash struggled with guilt over this, pushing everyone away. He was given control of STAR Labs, so he could use it's resources. But he still lacked the support he needed to embrace.

Once he brought his team back together (with Cisco - taking the codename Vibe, Caitlin, Joe, and Iris) he was hit by a new threat. The rip in reality was still around, and 52 distinct holes existed around the city. And through those holes dangerous metahumans were coming. And they were all targeting the Flash.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

The Horror Of...Star Trek: Infestation - Taking A Bite Out Of Trek

This is a bit of a switch for me. I had intended to include other media in the annals of The Horror Of..., but it's taken awhile. So, finally, horror of the four color fright variety!

So much has been done over the decades from crypts, Dracula's reign, to the dread of the comic code, to the resurgence of gory fun. Where is the best and most obvious place to start?

Star Trek, obvious! It is the 50th anniversary. And Trek has had it's horror moments.

The horror.


The horror!


The horror!!



...Wait? That is horror? The hell?!

I should be reviewing that. That looks awesome! Shatner versus Dracula. Why is that not this review? And why hasn't Linkara already reviewed this?! (What the hell, man.)

I'm feeling a little dispirited suddenly.

But wait! I must have something fun to review. Something fun and horrible. A mix of Trekness with the Macabre.

Oh what terror we have.

Star Trek: Infestation. Shatner versus Zombies.

"Ugh! Ha ha, 'He's dead, Jim.' I swear if  Bones says that
one more time..."